Week 13

This was a busy week. We began our campus Bible study on the Lamar campus. We studied the topic of “Who is God?” We had a visitor which was fantastic. The discussion was extremely interactive and a great success. Our college students are fired up about the opportunity to share the gospel with their peers. God is so good.

We also had a baptism last Friday. It’s such a joy to see the excitement and joy of someone who has given their life over to our Savior Jesus Christ. This past Sunday I had the opportunity to preach in the morning and evening in West Orange.  I also taught our junior high students Sunday evening after service. We studied from the book of Ecclesiastes.  It has been great experience being able to work with our young people. I have learned a great deal.

Last Wednesday I was able to teach at one of the middle schools in Beaumont. We are able to go into the school every Wednesday. We are given about fifteen minutes to share something with the students about God.  It is something that is voluntary for the students. It’s been a great experience. There were probably about 25-35 students in attendance. Wednesday was also (pray by the pole day). This was a time where students and faculty could gather around the flag pole and say a prayer. I was asked to lead the prayer.

Finally, I need to update you about our work in Africa. Two of our elders and one of our deacons are currently preaching and teaching the gospel in South Africa. Currently, they have been able to teach about 500 people, and as a result 14 souls have been added to the body of Christ. We have been praying diligently for their safety and success. It is such a thrill to hear how many souls are being won over for Christ.


            Benjamin Lee