Blog: Max Dawson
March 16, 2017
A substantial number of websites are informing people about the new Disney movie, “Beauty and the Beast.” A couple of weeks ago Disney announced the movie would include an openly gay character. Matt Bassford’s blog, “His Excellent Word,” has a well-written piece on the movie.
LeFou, the homosexual character in this production, is presented in a way that is common in the entertainment media today. Bassford writes that LeFou is shown in a “…heartwarming, sympathetic light so that the audience will respond positively to the character and to the practice of homosexuality in general.”
If you think Disney’s insertion of such a character is an accident or mistake, you are mistaken, my friend. For 40 years there has been an assertive agenda on the part of the media to condition all of us to accept homosexuality.Among the first salvos in this cultural war was the shot fired by ABC in 1977 when it began to air “Soap.” That sitcom, which had a five year run (1977-1981), featured Billy Crystal as “Jodie Dallas,” an openly homosexual character.
The show had a later-in-the-evening time slot because it was known that it would be offensive to some viewers. Because of that time slot, kids would probably be less likely to see it. That fact, to some degree, might keep down some of the potential protest and complaint.
In an interview two years ago on, Billy Crystal acknowledged that the role as Jodie Dallas was “awkward and it was tough.” Why? Because “It was a different time. It was 1977.” Crystal went on to express his concern about the agenda being “shoved in our face” and making homosexuality seem “like an everyday thing.” He also said, “…sometimes it’s just pushed a little too far for my tastes…”
Those are interesting comments from a man who helped fire those early guns in the war on morality. Crystal caught some flak for those comments.
But the issue here is not Billy Crystal. It is Christians. On which side will you and I fight in this cultural war? Read God’s word if you need some help deciding. How about starting with and ?


Almost 40 years ago, I remember one Christian saying to me (after watching Soap), “I know it’s wrong, but you have to admit that it is funny.” Is that what we do? We compromise our convictions and tolerate something because “it is funny”?
Some Christians may have laughed at the Jodie Dallas character 40 years ago. If you and I did that, then we need to realize that the laugh was on us! It was our convictions and stand for truth that were being ridiculed. And we compromised.
Will we do the same thing with “Beauty and the Beast”? Will we take our kids to see it because “it is entertaining”?
My friends, remember that “Today’s silence will morph into tomorrow’s bondage!”

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