Blog: Max Dawson
December 21. 2015
Last Thursday I wrote about why we live stream our services over the internet at I did that, in part, because of a criticism someone had about what we were doing. They said we were “…offering members the choice to stay home and watch the services instead of assembling with the saints.” Of course, that is not the case.
In response, a number of people (no one from our congregation) wrote back telling us how much they appreciated what the Dowlen Road church provides.

B.C. wrote, “Thanks Max. I work offshore so when I am at work I watch the Dowlen Road services. I think it is an excellent tool.
V.A. said, “Thank you Max, I am proud you have that service for those who cannot be there due to no fault of their own. I was part of that group the first 6 months of this year.”
N.L. commented, “I read the article about live streaming yesterday. Let me say once again that the services from Dowlen Road have been a tremendous help to me. It has been years since I have been able to go into the church building. I have been live streaming for three years now. It certainly is not the same as being with my brothers and sisters for worship, but it helps very much.”
From T.L. “Thank you for live streaming. I so agree with everything you said.”
From a deacon: “I live in Arkansas and serve as a deacon in the Church that gathers in __________, and I look forward to Mondays when I can see and hear your services. It makes my day complete. Please keep them coming. (DB)
DL wrote this: “I absolutely love anything that comes from Dowlen Road and I “share” most everything! Of course you will get criticism…some of it may be a tool the devil can use to try to discourage you. I am absolutely thrilled and happy in my heart when I find a sermon or lesson from Dowlen Road! Dowlen Road is a firm congregation, like the one to which I belong in _________!” I feel like I already know you and Ben. And please… please, Just keep this coming!
RM said, “I so very much enjoy having the opportunity to watch the services at Dowlen Road. It is wonderful for people like me who are disabled and unable to attend services. It makes me feel like I’m a part of an assembly of God’s children again!”


I sincerely appreciate those of you who took to time to comment on our live stream. Those who are shut ins or disabled probably understand better than anyone how the streaming services over the internet are valuable. And, it is likely that those saints are the ones who miss being present at worship the most. They understand what it is like to be trapped in a nursing home or hospital bed.
Will there be some folks who abuse the live streaming service and choose to stay home instead of assembling with the saints? Probably so. But the abuse of a thing does not make the thing unlawful. Maybe they will hear something from our services that pricks their hearts and motivates them to gather in the assembly of God’s people.
Finally, a lady with the initials ML wrote, “Why would anyone WANT to stay home?” That is a good question for those who would abuse our live streaming services. It is also a good question for those who are habitually absent from the assembly without cause. See Hebrews 10:23-25.

Blessings to all of God’s faithful.