blog: Max Dawson
February 1, 2016
I want to announce this morning that the Dowlen Road church now has a Youtube channel. Our folks here at Dowlen Road got it up and running just a few days ago.
Right now it contains over 30 videos. And there are more to come soon.

You can access the channel in a couple of ways.

1. You can type “” in your browser. And then type “dowlen road church of christ” in the youtube search box. One of the hits it brings up will be identified as “channel.” Click on that and you have it.
2. The first time I went to it I just googled “youtube dowlen road church of Christ.”
3. You can use this url:

Anyway, if you are youtube savvy you should have no trouble accessing the channel. You should see a little box near the top of the page that allows you to join the channel. We already have 31 who are subscribed to it.
Please read the piece that I wrote below.


We live in an amazing time. We have technology that was unimaginable just a few decades ago. And most of that technology can be used to help spread the gospel.
Here are some of the things that were unavailable not very long ago: the data projector, PowerPoint, the Internet, computers, smartphones, email, websites, weblogs, streaming video, iPads and other tablet devices. The list can be long. I use all of these, and maybe you do too.
With all the amazing technology, you would think that we would have a substantial advantage over past generations in reaching the lost for Jesus. We ought to be converting people at a faster rate than ever before. But I think most preachers would agree that we are not seeing more conversions as a result of our technology.
I don’t know what the answer to that problem is. But, I do know this. It is not technology that converts people to Jesus. It is the message–not the medium, method or means we use–that converts folks.
As much as I like the use of media devices, I need to remember that they are only an aid. They are never an end in themselves.
I wonder what would happen in our present culture if we did not have so many means of reaching folks with the gospel. Do you think we would reach more people? My view is that it would probably be worse. We would reach fewer people. And that is a comment on our current culture and the state of affairs in America.
I have a lot more thoughts on this think I care to write about today. But, just remember this, the power is in the gospel
(). It is not in PowerPoint.
Blessings to you,

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