Blog: Max Dawson
May 9, 2016

You might think it a little strange that I would write about Mother’s Day cards on the day after Mother’s Day. But my reason is to tell you a couple of little stories that I hope you will find beneficial.

On Saturday of this past weekend, Lee and I were going to the nursing home to see a neighbor, Becky, who has been bedfast for about 18 months. On the way there, we discussed whether we should take her some flowers (which we have done in the past). Or, maybe she would appreciate a Mother’s Day card. Becky is 92 years old. She is such a dear friend, and in some ways has been like a mother to us.

We decided on the card. We could read the card to her, as her eyesight has nearly failed. Then we could leave the card on the little shelf across from her bed. On the way to the card store Lee said, “And just give me a card this year. I don’t want any more flowers.” Trying to recover from shock, I asked, “Why no flowers?” She said “They will just wilt in a few days. I think they are a waste of money.”

At last! She is thinking like a man! (Most men have a hard time seeing the value of flowers that are quickly gone. However, there is real value in giving flowers if that is what your wife likes! See , “…how he may please his wife.”)

I have always bought Lee flowers for Valentine’s Day, her birthday, our anniversary, and, of course, on Mother’s Day. But, now it is just a card!

At the card store, we chose a lovely pink card that had some beautiful sentiments on it. Pink is Becky’s favorite color. She was sure to like the card. But I still had to get a card for Lee. I saw one that said “For My Wife…” and grabbed it, putting it under Becky’s card. I was able to distract Lee and pay for both cards without her realizing I had bought her card also.

When I got home I looked inside the card. I lucked out! It had very nice sentiments inside. Lee knew I had spent no time in choosing the card. But that didn’t matter to her. She kissed me when she read it Sunday morning. The kiss wasn’t because I had spent a lot of time choosing a card, but because she knew that I cared for her.


Caring! That’s really what Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and similar occasions are about. Those days give us an opportunity to do something special that say “I care.”

It may be something as small as just giving a card. Or, it may be something big that costs thousands of dollars. The important thing is to communicate that you care.

We may express our caring in different ways. But the important thing is to let our wives (or mothers) know that we regard them with high honor and esteem.

One man did something really unusual to show his regard for his wife. He took her to the Hallmark store. He looked over at least a dozen cards, carefully reading the sentiments expressed inside. At last, he found just the right card. He called his wife over and showed her the beautiful card. He then read it to her word for word with emotion and feeling. She then looked up at him and smiled warmly and kissed him as they stood in the aisle at the card store.

He then put the card back in the rack.

Did that really communicate to her his feelings? Did that let her know that he really cared for her? Evidently so. But I would recommend that none of you men ever try to pull off something like that.

The important thing is that you learn to understand your wife and that you learn what pleases her. See and . “Love your wife…dwell with her in an understanding way.”

Blessings to you my dear friends.


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