Blog: Max Dawson
May 11, 2017
What do you think about the question? Are the most effective leaders just born that way? Or did things happen along the way that made them leaders?
We must admit that some people are born with advantages that others don’t have. If a person is taller than others, good looking, with a fine voice, that person has some advantages. But those advantages don’t make him a leader. There are plenty of folks with those qualities who have no leadership skills at all.
Yet, most people believe that some folks are just born leaders. It seems that lots of folks in the Lord’s church think that way. Could that be an excuse for not working to become a leader?
The greatest leader in the Old Testament is Moses. A born leader? Hardly. He was a reluctant leader at best. He did not appear to have a fine voice that would command attention. He was certainly not a talented orator. He said the following in .
“O my Lord, I am not eloquent, neither before nor since You have spoken to Your servant; but I am slow of speech and slow of tongue.”
While Moses did not have some of the qualities that we normally expect in a great leader, God saw some things in him that qualified him to lead the people of Israel. One of the things God saw in Moses forty years earlier was a keen desire to help the people of God. Here is what Stephen said about Moses in .
“Now when he was forty years old, it came into his heart to visit his brethren, the children of Israel. And seeing one of them suffer wrong, he defended and avenged him who was oppressed, and struck down the Egyptian. For he supposed that his brethren would have understood that God would deliver them by his hand, but they did not understand.”
There were qualities already at work in Moses that would make him a leader. He had a heart for the people of God. He had compassion on those who were suffering. And he knew that someone had to deliver Israel from bondage. While he was discouraged after this incident, forty years later the time was right–and Moses was the man!
Maybe Moses needed those forty years as a shepherd in Midian. In those years he could learn how to tend, feed and lead a flock. When God called Moses to be the deliverer of Israel, he would have to know how to tend, feed and lead God’s people. Rather than just looking at Moses as an exile, maybe we should see those forty years as a time of preparation for leadership.
While Moses was reluctant to lead, God made all the accommodations for him that would make him successful.
Had Moses continued to resist, he would not have fulfilled his destiny as the great deliverer of Israel. God could have chosen another man to do the work. And Moses would have been an unknown.
What is the point of all this? God needs leaders in His kingdom today. Some of those who could lead may be reluctant to do so. Don’t count yourself out because you are not a “born leader.” Don’t excuse yourself when the need is so great in God’s church. God is looking for those who will prepare themselves to serve!
There is more to come in my next email.
Blessings to you, my wise friends,

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