Blog: Max Dawson
March 21, 2016
Last week I read a book called, “Deep Work: Rules for focused success in a distracted world.” It’s written by Cal Newport. It’s a great book to read. It is what I like to call a “Game Changer.” The title of the book really says it all. Too many of us have become distracted and are not focusing on accomplishing things that really matter. This happens all the time in the work place. Many people are not really working 8 hours a day. They are filling 8 hours, but how much of that time is actual work?

In the book the author discusses the idea of “Deep Work” where one is solely focused on accomplishing a task. While that sounds simple enough, it may not be for some. With so many people connected to social media, it’s hard for people to actually stay focused on one particular task.

For example, the next time you drive just look around you and see how many people are looking at their phones!!! The next time you are in the grocery store waiting in line, take a look around and see how many people are looking at their phones. The next time you are at the gym take a look around and see how many are looking down at their phones. The next time you are gathering with the saints take a look around and “oh boy” see how many people are looking down at their phones! Hopefully they are looking at their Bible app!

Cal Newport in his book recommends that we get off of Facebook and social media completely. I’m sure someone just had a heart attack reading that! He’s got a pretty strong argument. Now I know that those who may be reading this will probably not do that. But do something this week. Keep track with how much time you are spending on Facebook! Is it an hour daily? Two? Three? Five? Don’t you think you could probably do more with your time?

My title for today’s thoughts is called, “Get Off Fakebook Right Now!” That’s not a typo. I say “Fakebook” because at times it really is fake. One can have 1,000 friends and still be lonely, and not even know those friends. People tend to put the best photos of themselves on their page. One can spend hours on Fakebook only to go away feeling worse about themselves or others! A lot of times Facebook is Fakebook!


Christians sometimes struggle with getting in good quality time in prayer! It could be that some of that time that could be going to prayer is being used up by social media. Are you the type of person that gets on Facebook first thing in the morning? Do you get a rush when you see that you have a lot of “likes” or comments under your post? Instead of logging in first thing in the morning on Fakebook, what if you directed your face toward God and His book! Jesus prayed in the morning, . He set aside that quality time. Trust me, you will not miss anything on Facebook if you login later in the day! But you can miss out on a lot when you fail to give proper time to prayer! You can miss out on a lot when you fail to take time to study God’s word!

Some may say, “If I get off of Fakebook then I will not be able to read these blogs or view sermons.” Oh yes you can! This blog is sent out via email. You can also read it at www.dowlenroad.com. You can listen to our sermons on our website also. Others may say, “If I get off of Facebook then I will not know what’s happening with other people.” Really? You can still text and call people. You can still physically meet up with people and have genuine conversations!

There’s a lot of reasons we can use to justify spending hours on Fakebook. While there are benefits, there are also many drawbacks. Just because something has benefits doesn’t mean that it’s always good for you. Is Fakebook really that beneficial to us when it takes away precious time from our already busy schedule? Is it really worth spending numerous hours a day on Fakebook when we could use that time to study? Or to sit down and have an actual conversation with someone? Or to spend more time making memories with our children?

As Christians we are to grow! We are to have a desire and be zealous for God’s word. Sadly at times we are more zealous for worthless posts, gossip, and news that only discourages us from Facebook and other social media sites! Get off Fakebook right now! Get into God’s word! Do some “Deep Work” in God’s word. Set aside a block of time and do your Bible marking! Read an entire book at once! Make an outline for a book! Review the notes from the sermons you heard on Sunday.

If you say, “There’s no way I’m getting off Facebook” then try this. Take the Facebook app off of your phone! Try that for a week and use that time to focus more on the Lord! If you find yourself having withdrawals because you have taken the app off of your phone, then you are spending too much time on FAKEBOOK!

–Benjamin Lee

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