December Report 2011 Brewer

December Report 2011.

Dear brethren,
I am apologizing for this late report. I have been involved in a lot of problems especial death related issues.

Within a month three people close to my family died, my cousin Likwa, a bro in Christ, Nature Sithole of Mbokodo Church of Christ in Filabusi. Sithole had been staying alone. His wife died three years ago. He was Malawian citizen, married to a Zimbabwean woman. I leant that they had no child. Sithole was being looked after by some brethren at Mbokodo. I did not know much about him but every member of Mbokodo church and those of Sapila spoke very high of the late bro Sithole. Central.Hospital records showed that he died on 7 December 2011 and up to the 28 brethren at Mbokodo could not be able to collect the body from Bulawayo to burry because they did not have money for transport. It was raining when we collected the body from Bulawayo and some rivers were flooded. We were not able to cross one of the rivers and we had to wait for 4hrs for water to go down.
Potia Fumbetheni Moyo, Linnet s sister, she died of an accident in Botswana on her way to South Africa. We buried her last Saterday

Mganwini congregation. I reported to you last time that I have been tasked to teach the old testament from Genesis. This I do every Sunday when I am at Mganwin. We just finished the book of Judges. The main reason of these judges was to deliver Israel from their enemies after sincere repentance from worshiping idols. 15 Judges in all, a woman judge Deborah. Some god and some extremely very bad The worst was Abimelech who was killed by a woman using a millstone.. Jephthah involved in a conflict with Ephraim and the test word. Shibboleth and Sibboleth. And Samson and Delilah

Sapila congregation- 25 Dec. Sapila church meet under a bid wild figtree. Their church building was blown by storm. I spoke to them about the sin of conscience that troubled Reuben and his brothers. Look and notice carefully at statements. Gen; 42:21 and 37:22.

My daughter Magret Brewer She is not well. She has continuous nigh mare and it is attacking her during the day. This has been going on for a month now. Two doctors say they can not tell what the problem is and one suggested that we take her for a heart check .She is going in tomorrow. This makes me afraid to leave her with her mother. I pray that there is nothing too bad. The Lord knows better

Support and other moneys.
Dowlen Rd $450
Indivisual advance Dec 175
Indivisual advance -Dec 250
Total $875
OH3 Seeds $6 530
Three metric tons of seeds were distributed to 600 families.I am sending the photos shortly .There are too many I can not send them with these attached to this report..
Thank you my brethren,