Blog: Max Dawson
September 1, 2016
More good things are happening at Dowlen Road church. We have seen baptisms in each of the past four days.
On Sunday evening a young teen named Jonathan was baptized into Christ. This young man was raised in a godly home and has been part of our Bible classes all of his life. His parents set an example of service to King Jesus that influenced him.
On Monday evening a young man named Whitley obeyed the gospel of Jesus Christ. While he was not raised in the church, his grandmother is a member at Dowlen Road. Brother Benjamin Lee presented “The Big Picture” Bible study to Whitley, and at the end of the study this 29-year-old young man became a Christian.
On Tuesday evening a college aged young man from our community was baptized into Christ. His name is Willie. He is a friend of one of our college aged disciples, Donald Jackson. Donald and Ben studied with Willie. Willie became a Christian at about 11:00 pm on Tuesday.
Last night–Wednesday evening–shortly after our singing had concluded a teen aged girl named Laiken was baptized into Christ. She is another who has been raised in a Christian home. Greg Chesser, one of our shepherds, has been studying with Laiken. She was baptized about a half an hour after our worship concluded. The hundred or so people who were still in the church building rejoiced greatly at this young lady’s decision to follow Jesus Christ.
May God bless each of these. Will there be more today? Tomorrow? We long for the conversions of more and more people. We would love to replicate , where the Christians were…
“praising God and having favor with all the people. And the Lord added to the church daily those who were being saved.”


I have long believed–and continue to believe to this very day–that the best is yet to come for the Dowlen Road congregation.
We believe God has great things in store for His faithful people. We continue to operate by the authority of His word. We continue to pray to our Father. We continue to serve Jesus Christ. And, in doing so, we continue to believe that God will bless our service to Him.
We may be on the verge of unprecedented growth–more conversions than we have ever seen in our generation.
We look forward to good things from our God.
Blessings to you my dear friends,

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