Blog: Max Dawson
March 9, 2017
That’s what yesterday was supposed to be. (I know that right at this point, someone will feel the urge to correct my title. I understand that the correct designation for what happened yesterday is “A Day Without A Woman.” But, I have changed it for my purposes if only because it sounds better.)
So, a day without women! That day was meant to recognize “the enormous value that women of all backgrounds add to our socioeconomic system.” Women were encouraged to take the day off work–just to show how valuable they are to the firms, shops, schools and other social and economic enterprises. “Don’t show up. You will be missed.”
Of course they would be missed if they didn’t show up. This morning, I am thankful that my wife showed up yesterday–as well as today. She saw me off to the office with my lunch and a kiss. She shows up every day.
I am glad the women teachers at Vincent Middle School showed up yesterday. I teach a Bible class at that school every Wednesday morning. I think the faculty and staff at that school is about 90% female. Can you imagine what a school would be like if the female educators didn’t show up? By the way, some schools in Washington, DC, and Alexandria, Virginia had to close yesterday because the women went on strike in support of this movement.
I am glad for the women who showed up at Bible class at Dowlen Road last night. If they had gone on strike, we would have had seven classes without teachers. And what about my Bible class? I had 53 in my class last evening. Of those 53, only 13 were men; there were 40 women in my Bible reading class last night.
And, finally, what about when we assembled in the auditorium to sing last night? Can you imagine what our singing would have been like if the women had gone on strike? Yes, we would still have had more than 100 men present. But, of those 100, only about a dozen can sing well. Our singing would not have been nearly as beautiful had the women not been there.


Let’s be thankful for the women in our lives, and give them their due. And, let’s remember the value that God places on them.
When God created Adam (and all the creatures on the earth), the man was without a counterpart. God saved the very best part of creation for last. When He created the woman, she was created in God’s image–just as the man was ().
Jesus saw the value of women. While He chose 12 men to be His apostles, there were a number of women–Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Suzanna–and many others who played a critical support role in the ministry of Jesus ().
What about the value of women in your life? Is there a woman for whom you should show special appreciation–your mother, wife, daughter, or maybe a sister in the church that you should recognize for her service to God and His people?
While the world may continue to fail in recognizing the intrinsic value of women, let that not be so in your life or mine.
Blessings to you, my dear friends,

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