Blog: Max Dawson
February 20, 2017
The event takes place this coming Friday evening at 7:00 p.m.
The Dowlen Road Church of Christ will host a study concerning the racial divide in America.
It is not difficult to find discussions about racial and ethnic issues in America today. There are plenty of such forums on television and on college campuses.
What do nearly all those forums consist of? They discuss problems and complaints from blacks, whites and Hispanics. Everyone has a grievance, right? Typically, when someone tries to offer solutions to racial division, the response is to tell why those solutions won’t work.
Is that where we are today? We are faced with problems and challenges without workable solutions? That’s what many folks evidently believe.
Our mission, then, is to change that belief. There is a solution. It is a workable solution. It is one that is rarely mentioned or discussed.
What is that solution?
What does it look like?
How does it work?
That’s what our event on Friday evening addresses.


Here are the details.
The Event: “Black and White: A Conversation About Race In America”
The Time: Friday, February 24, 7:00 p.m.
The Place: Dowlen Road Church of Christ, 3060 Dowlen Road, Beaumont, TX
The Live Stream: dowlenroad.com, Facebook: Dowlen Road Church of Christ
The Panelists: Kevin Clark, David Banning, Benjamin Lee, Max Dawson
The Answer: To be discussed by the four panelists above.
Please join–in person–if you can.
Blessings to you, my dear friends,
View a recording of the event here: http://dowlenroad.com/?p=21313