Sermons Date Listing

January 1, 2021


   2021 Bible Reading (N/A)   

April 6, 2020

   Simple Ways To Study At Home (David Banning) (N/A)   

May 7, 2017

   Sin Leading to Death (Max Dawson) (Max Dawson)   

   The Will of the Lord (Benjamin Lee) (Benjamin Lee)   

April 30, 2017

   Does God Condone Slavery? (David Banning and Benjamin Lee) (David Banning)   

   What Makes Me Steadfast? (David Banning) (David Banning)   

April 23, 2017

   Hitting The Mark (Reuben Prevost) (N/A)   

April 16, 2017

   Jesus Lives! (Max Dawson) (Max Dawson)   

April 9, 2017

   A Second Look at Dancing (David Banning) (David Banning)   

   A Second Look at Dancing (David Banning) (David Banning)   

   Time & Circumstances (David Banning) (David Banning)   

April 2, 2017

   INJUSTICE (Max Dawson) (Max Dawson)   

January 2, 2017

   Will You Accept The Dare? (Max Dawson) (Max Dawson)   

   How Did I Get Here? (David Banning) (David Banning)   

December 26, 2016

   The Book of Grace (Benjamin Lee) (Benjamin Lee)   

   Manna (Benjamin Lee) (Benjamin Lee)   

December 19, 2016

   A Great Trip (Benjamin Lee) (Benjamin Lee)   

   The Truth About The Baby In The Manger (David Banning) (David Banning)   

December 11, 2016

   2017 Chronological Bible Reading Plan (Max Dawson) (Max Dawson)   

December 5, 2016

   Make The Most Of Your Time (David Banning and Benjamin Lee) (David Banning)   

   Did These things Really Happen? (David Banning) (David Banning)   

November 28, 2016

   Overflowing With Gratitude (Benjamin Lee) (Benjamin Lee)   

   Some Things To Remember During The Holidays (David Banning) (David Banning)   

November 20, 2016

   Christ Did Not Send Me To Baptize – Max Dawson (Max Dawson)   

   Give Thanks To The Lord (Benjamin Lee) (Benjamin Lee)   

November 13, 2016

   God’s Questions For Adam And Eve – David Banning (David Banning)   

   Can Science Defeat Death – Max Dawson (Max Dawson)   

November 7, 2016

   A Terrifying Vision (Benjamin Lee) (Benjamin Lee)   

   John’s Picture of Victory (David Banning) (David Banning)   

October 31, 2016

   A Message From Jesus (Benjamin Lee) (Benjamin Lee)   

October 23, 2016

   Silence: When God Says Nothing (David Banning) (David Banning)   

   Living in a Hostile World (David Banning) (David Banning)   

October 16, 2016

   The Roaring Lion (Benjamin Lee) (Benjamin Lee)   

   Why Do We Struggle To Teach The Lost? (David Banning) (David Banning)   

October 9, 2016

   God On His Throne (David Banning) (David Banning)   

   Indifference Is Inexcusable (Benjamin Lee) (Benjamin Lee)   

October 4, 2016

   BTB-Ethiopia (Randy Harshbarger, Max Dawson) (Max Dawson)   

October 2, 2016

   Interpreting Revelation (David Banning) (David Banning)   

   Pictures of Jesus In Revelation (Max Dawson) (Max Dawson)   

September 25, 2016

   The Revelation of Jesus Christ: Their Times & Our Time (David Banning) (David Banning)   

September 23, 2016

   About The Louisana Flood… (Max Dawson)   

September 18, 2016

   The Thief On The Cross (Benjamin Lee) (Benjamin Lee)   

   The Creation Myth (David Banning)   

September 11, 2016

   Power In His Word (Benjamin Lee) (Benjamin Lee)   

   Could I Have A Blind Spot (David Banning) (David Banning)   

September 4, 2016

   Chase The Lion (Benjamin Lee) (Benjamin Lee)   

   The Widow’s Dead Son (David Banning) (David Banning)   

August 28, 2016

   Christ Among His Churches (David Banning) (David Banning)   

   Do Not Worry (Benjamin Lee) (Benjamin Lee)