Hello everyone,
September is almost half way over. Hard to believe, isn’t it? This week will mark six months since I got my ICD put in. Amazing how fast time flies! I am now getting back into lifting weights on a regular basis. It feels good to be back in the gym. I am still taking it easy and making sure that I don’t get to crazy with the weights.
This past weekend Nikki and I spent the day in Liberty. I taught the morning class, and preached in the morning and evening. We had a great time with the saints. There were about twenty members for both services. Please continue to pray that the work will continue to grow and excel in Liberty.
This week I will be preaching here in the evening time. On the 26th, I will be preaching in Baytown, at the Eastside congregation. I am hoping to be done with my Job workbook by the end of the month. It has been a challenging task, but I am confident that it will be a good class.
Over Labor Day, Nikki and I took a few days off and went up to San Antonio for a little vacation. We had a great time. We were able to spend some time at the main sites, like the riverwalk and Alamo. We were able to find a great price on a hotel that was in the downtown area. When we walked into our room we were able to open up the windows and see the Alamo right across the street. It was a nice little break.
Well, that’s all for right now. Take care and God bless.
Benjamin Lee

It has been quite some time since I have made a new blog. I apologize for the delay. This year has gone by so fast. I have completed my first year in the training program. It has been a great blessing for me and Nikki.  This month has been a busy one.  This month I preached in Jasper, Decker Prairie, and at Sulphur Springs. I am currently teaching the college class on the authority of the scriptures. I taught the same material last quarter with Max in an adult class.  

I am in the process right now of putting together a workbook for the book of Job. I will begin to teach this material in November, God willing. This will be my second workbook. My first workbook, Wacky Nut Case Things People Say About The Bible, a study on alleged Bible discrepancies, is going to be used in a congregation in Oklahoma later on this year. I’m thankful that others will be able to benefit spiritually from these workbooks.

Next month, I will begin to assist a congregation in Liberty Texas.  I will be working with Don Swanson, who is the evangelist.  I will be doing Bible studies throughout the week and will periodically preach.

God has been good to us here at Dowlen Road. We are currently in a building expansion project. We have had numerous brethren restored to the faith, along with numerous baptisms this past month. The gospel still has the power to save!

Benjamin Lee