Africa Report Oct-Nov Warren Scholtz

Dear Brethren

I hope you are all doing well , and have started to get rain that you need .We have had a very dry season and only received our first good rains about a week ago , we are praying that the rains will continue now ,the dry season has already started to take its toll on the land and the planting of crops has been delayed .The family and I are doing well ,we are all healthy and blessed .The children are all starting to write their final exams as our schools are getting ready to close for summer vacation time .


My trips into Zimbabwe have gone well these last couple of months and I have had no problems with crossing the border or at road blocks ,that always makes the trip less stressful .

The work in Zimbabwe is going well , as I mentioned in my last report we had started a new work and had baptized 21 people , we have since baptized a further 11 people at this village and the work is going well at that congregation , I recently took them some song books , and bibles also a tray and basket for the Lords Supper .It takes allot of organising when you establish a new work , remember that these new brethren have nothing to worship . It starts by asking the chief and councillor in the village for permission to teach to the people , if after some time we do need to baptize anyone , we once again have to ask permission to baptize people in the local communities river . I then have to spend time with them explaining and going through the acts of worship .We then have to ask the Chief again if we can meet regularly usually under a tree in the village. Then it’s to set the brethren up with song books, bibles, fruit of vine ,Lord supper trays ect , quite a job yet so simple to worship that anyone can do it and follow the pattern just as the Lord planned . It is such a honour to establish a new work and then watch it develop and grow and this would not be possible without all your love ,charity and support in the work here in Africa thank you. The other congregations are also doing well , we also baptized 3 people at Sadzagwena congregation , we continue to pray for rain in all these area’s as they have not planted any crops yet as the rains have not come and it is worrying for all of us ,please pray that the rains come .I still have funds to help with food until January , I also received some funds from Dowlen rd congregation to help buy bibles .


The work in Botswana  is doing well , rain in this country has also been very slow and they have only now received their first rains which is also about 2 months late .The brethren are all well and the congregation at Mabua is doing fine ,they are still the stronger of the congregations .The Moijabana congregation has improved and most of the members are worshiping .We have managed to find a big tree in a common area in the village ,so we will worship there with the Moijabana congregation from now on .The children in these villages are still the highlight of the trip ,they absolutely Love my wife Ivy and their numbers seem to grow each trip .Ivy has over the past weeks done a clothes drive among our community here in South Africa for the children in Botswana and the response was great ,that even non Christians in our community donated clothes .On the last trip in ,Ivy managed to give each child some bit of clothing ,they were so happy , it is so humbling to see and be part of this work .Ivy is a special person that compliments my work in the villages and the children really respond well to her. I am still doing the bible studies with the new group at Sehuno village ,still no baptisms as  yet but the studies are well attended and the number of children in Ivy’s class at this village is also growing fast .


The work at Mabalabala congregation is doing well , we have had visitors 2 times already and they enjoyed the service  , the men are doing well in their training and we are currently enjoying the lessons on dividing up the bible .Ivy’s children class is also well attended especially when we had school vacation in the area ,allot of children come in from town to stay with their parents on the farm in school vacation time and they like to come to Ivy’s class. We have had no new converts ,but hope our visitors will stay interested in studying further .All in all things are going well.


Thank you all again for your Love and charity ,for the Lords work here in Africa , we enjoy the labour and the fellowship we have .

In Him

Warren Scholtz.