Africa Report Jan 2012 Wilson Magaya

This is one of the men who attended the Preacher Training Sessions in Zimbabwe

Elders at elders Knoxville west,

We wish to salute you in Him, hoping that this mail finds you all in good health. Below is my work analysis and report for January 2012.


The work calendar commenced on Thursday the 3rd and lasted up to Sunday the 29th.The work involved evangelism, edification and benevolence. Evangelism work was done on the following days :Tuesdays(3,17,24),Thursdays(12),Fridays(6),Saturdays(14,28).Wednesdays and Mondays were reserved for edification and bible study. Below is a comprehensive break-up of the above data.

EVANGELISM:A total of 7 days were utilized in evangelism.We conducted both field (door to door) and home studies with prospects. We had prospects whom we invited to our home for studies(home studies) whilst most prospects were visited to their places. These efforts realized 4 conversions, including 1 restoration. Of these one is a male and the rest are females(all are housewives).


There are two prospects that we expect to see and study with if the Lord wills.

These are very promising, thereby deserving further attention.


5 DAYS WERE ALLOCATTED for edification. These were conducted on Wednesdays and Mondays .Our  Sunday and Wednesday meetings went on very well and turnout to these was very impressive. The lessons we dealt with include the inspiration of the bible, how to understand the bible, why Christianity is the only true religion, commitment to Christ. 


The saints here have been benefitting from the relief funds sent to us by the brethren there at Knoxville. This ran from October to end of this month ,January. We are very thankful to these brethren for their generous hand and may the Lord be with them in this ministry.

Below are pictures of the immersions  conducted this January.