Africa Report Jan 2012: Wilesi

Brother Terry,
We received our support yesterday. Julius picked it up and gave each on of us his share. We thank you very much for the support. Please thank the elders and the Dowlen Road family for us.

The Christians in most rural areas were I work are in need of food as of now. Last year the harvest was not good and churches were helped here and there by faithful Christians. The churches at Chihoro and Murehwa got relief aid for food from you, Knoxville church and brother Dave Beckley on different occasions. However, as of now, the food has been used up, and food is needed until mid April when most Christians can harvest from their fields. Given the state of crops in the fields, not all will have a good harvest, but the need will be less between April and August for most Christians. Brother John Marowa is also in need of help, regular or one time support.


Greet the brethren for me and my family. I will send my report for January probably this weekend. May the Lord God bless you all. The work at Dowlen Road church and the appointment of leader remain in our prayers.