Africa Report Dec- Jan: Warren Scholtz

Dear Brethren To all my brethren , I pray that you will all have a blessed 2012 , I can’t believe that 2011 is behind us and we are already at the end of January 2012.I trust you are all well and are back into the routine of the new year .We are all doing well , the children are back at school and have started the new year in a new grade .Here in Africa our school year runs from January to December ,so each January our children start the next grade at school , my eldest son Rogan is in his last school year this year, they all seem to grow up so fast .Our weather pattern has been very unseasonal ,where we should be in our mid raining season ,some of our regions have been flooding with all the rain whilst other parts are very dry and desperate for rain . Ivy and I are planning a trip over to the USA for end of September this year , I would like to present un update of my work to the brethren who already support me and present the Africa work to any new brethren who would like to hear about it .Lord willing if we can raise the fund for the air fare ticket we look forward to seeing you all in September. Zimbabwe : The work in Zimbabwe is well , they have received some rains and the crops have started to grow which is good news ,we need to pray that the rains will continue so that our brethren will be able to harvest their corn this season , they have about 2 to 3 months to go before harvest .I handed out the last funds that I had to our brethren for food ,so our brethren are going to need some help just until harvest in 2-3 months so if you are in any position to help please any help will be greatly appreciated . In the Mukukusi area ,I have started in this new year to wean the congregations in this area , buy this I mean to get them to continue more without me every month visiting and make my visits bi monthly .My plan as a evangelist is to find area’s without churches and then establish Churches and train men to lead in these congregations .Well some of these congregations have been established 7 years now in the Mukukusi area ,I have trained 3 very good preachers and some good men to lead and the work is doing very well. I am now going to concentrate in the Ngundu area in Zimbabwe, where we have 3 congregations that have been established for about 3 years and we have established 2 more new congregations within 40 miles of that ,I have also made contact in another new village not too far from this which we may get the permission to start another work there ,so as you can see I am going to be very busy in the Mukukusi Area with training men and teaching these 6 new congregations ,I have my work cut out for me. There is talk of the election happening now this year in Zimbabwe , I have been asked by the police to come and see them to update my details and give them my plan for the next few months , I also went through at least 8 police road blocks in 250miles ,so these are all signs of political stirring. Election time is not a easy time in Zimbabwe and lots of intimidation and unrest occurs .It is especially tough for our brethren who live in the villages so please keep them in your prayers. Botswana : Botswana work is still moving along , no great developments in this country it’s a slow work with requires patience and persistence in the villages .The main problem I see in the work in Botswana is the lack of faithful men to train and lead in the congregations and the language barrier with your average person in the villages .On our last trip in we took the children with us ,they had helped collect and put their old toys together to give to the children in the villages ,it is humbling for us and our children to see how blessed we are and how happy the little children are receive any small toy even if it is broken .A couple of months ago Ivy had handed the children some clothing to help .It makes me proud to have a wife and children getting involved .The study group at Sehuno village is still meeting with me on all the trips I make in ,but we still have not Baptized anyone in this group .The brethren have also received some rains and we pray that they too will receive follow up rains to harvest their crops. South Africa: The Mabalabala work is doing well , we had lots of children visiting over the school vacation time so Ivy’s class was full .We are also very happy that 2 of our visitors decided to be baptized ,brother Luxon and brother Roger .The work is going well , and the brethren are growing in knowledge . Most of our members are all back from their vacation and classes are back to normal .We are doing the study of how to divide up and read your bible and it has been well received .We are still in the process of planning to redo our floor in the building as the rains keep washing in . Thank you again for all your love and support with the fellowship you share in the work here in Africa . We appreciate all you do and ask you to keep us in your prayers. In Him Warren Scholtz