David Banning

David Banning was born in Houston, Texas.  He met Heidi Huber at Florida College and they were married in 1985.  They have two sons, Todd (and his wife Laura) and Jonathan (and his wife Leah and daughter Ellison).

David has labored as a gospel preacher for over 30 years.  He has worked with churches in Huntsville, Texas, Joliet, Illinois, Orlando, Florida, and Birmingham, Alabama.  He is happy to be back in Southeast Texas, working for the second time with the Dowlen Road Church. He previously worked at Dowlen Road from 2003-2012. David was installed as an Elder for the Dowlen Road Church on August 5, 2018.

In addition to his work at Dowlen Road, David conducts weekend Bible workshops for teenagers and teacher training seminars for those who work with teens.  He is the author of the Get Them Talking workbooks, a series of 28 lesson books for teen Bible classes.  He has also written a workbook for parents entitled, Raising Kids Who Have A Heart For God and co-edited Do Things Well with Warren Berkley.

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Max Dawson

In 1978, Dawson moved to Beaumont, Texas, where he has preached since that time. From 1979-1989, the church (then known as the Pinecrest church) sponsored a daily call-in radio program, “Searching the Scriptures,” which was hosted by Max.

Since 1986, brother Dawson has served as an elder with the Dowlen Road church of Christ. He has made eight extended preaching trips to South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana to train young preachers, most recently in the Spring of 2016, along with Ulysses Buckley and Terry Matthews.

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Reuben Prevost

Reuben Prevost was born in Southeast Texas in 1991. He grew up in Beaumont and attended the Dowlen Road Church of Christ through his childhood.

Reuben was first introduced to preaching in 2007 when he worked with the Dowlen Road congregation as a summer trainee. He continued to preach on a fill-in basis throughout his high-school and college years. While in college, Reuben met his wife, Ruth, and they were married in 2018.

After college, Reuben began preaching full-time with the Kleinwood Church of Christ in Spring, TX. He spent almost two years learning to preach and study in their preacher training program and is grateful for his time there.

Reuben is excited to be back in Beaumont working as a full-time evangelist with the Dowlen Road Church of Christ.