WhoWeAreOur Leadership

We are blessed to have elders, deacons and evangelists that work together to help each member at Dowlen Road grow in their faith. Feel free to contact any of them for spiritual help.

Getting To Know Us

“More than a building, the church at Dowlen Road is a real family of caring Christians.”

If you are looking for a church…

  • Where your kids can really learn the Bible
  • That teaches the truth from God’s Word
  • Where joy and forgiveness are real
  • With solid Bible answers for troubled times
  • That is a real family of caring Christians

You will find your home with the Dowlen Road Church of Christ.

Our Worship

Our worship is God-centered and Bible-driven, following the example of our brethren in the New Testament. When you worship with us, you will be blessed by the heartfelt singing and practical, motivating teaching from God’s Word. We believe you will enjoy worshipping with us, but more importantly, you will be brought closer to God!

Our Bible Classes

When you attend our Bible classes, you can expect to find…

Age appropriate classes for your children


Several adult classes from which to choose


The clear message of God taught from the Bible


What We Teach

At Dowlen Road, we use the Bible as our only guide for our faith and practices. Within the Bible, we find God’s plan for how to live, how to worship, and how to love our fellow man.

In fact we know that God, “has granted to us everything pertaining to life and godliness…” (). So we simply seek to study the Bible and apply God’s wisdom to every part of our lives.

We are not part of any denomination and we are not a social club. We are just a group of people saved by Jesus Christ seeking to be Christians, nothing more and nothing less. We hope that you will join us soon to learn more about being just a Christian. Click on the topics below to learn more.

Baptism Forgiveness Salvation
Bible Holy Spirit Worship
The Church Marriage  

If you would like to learn more about what we believe or you would like to arrange for a personal bible study, click here and we will contact you.

Where We’re Located

Dowlen Road Church of Christ
3060 Dowlen Road
Beaumont, Texas 77706
(409) 866-1996

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