I greet you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Please find attached my work report.
In His LOVE,


The work in Murehwa rural areas:

In my report last month, I indicated some intentions to go and try to resuscitate the work in Murehwa. Brother Tafadzwa Buseti worked there a decade ago. Some Christians have been making the Macedonian call since last year. This month brothers Josiah, Reason and I finally made efforts to go there. Three were baptized and some were restored to the Lord. However, this group has a very strong institutional background and a lot of teaching needs to be done. Lord willing, I look forward to go there every last Sunday of each month. Brother Josiah plans to go most of the Sundays. There is also need for mid week bible studies, and we may go as often as funds will permit. These brethren are greatly in need of sound doctrine. Murehwa is some 40 miles from Harare, which makes it more than 80 miles from Mahusekwa. Please pray for this work.



Above pics: Some members of the church at Shava Nhowe, Murehwa and those who were baptized. Brother Josiah baptized these individual during a heavy rainfall. We had waited long but the rains were not giving a break, so we had no option other than to brave the down pours and have these souls saved. I thank God my asthma was not triggered.

Work in Mahusekwa:

Our door to door preaching efforts went on well in the Mahusekwa rural areas. Brother Wilson, Rodrick and I preached in Chihoro and Zumbani villages. In Zumbani village, Nomore Mfambi finally obeyed the gospel. We have been studying the word of God with him for more than 18 months. Another young man, brother to sister Talent was also saved. I usually work with young men who are on preaching internship, however this month I had a wonderful opportunity working alongside brother John Marowa. John has been preaching since 1971 and doing personal work with him was such a blessing.


Nomore Mfambi and I in water


Work in Harare:

I thank you so very much for your prayers towards the church at Tynwald. Our problems continue but we are thankful for some relief. The Mazambani family was restored to the Lord. We last meet with this family in February this year. Brother Mazambani was committed to working on Sundays. However, he finally fell when he got involved in an extra marital affair. We rebuked him and encouraged him to repent. The man was very angry, but we kept on visiting him, studying and praying for him. Glory be to God our efforts paid off. Men’s business meetings were held and the men from Tynwald church made a commitment to remain faithful. A sister and mother to Tsitsi, whose house we use for meetings, passed on. She was buried in Murehwa. Brothers Tich, Moffat, Julius and I attended the funeral and these brethren did a good job in Harare. I went on to preach at the burial at their rural home in Murehwa.


Teaching and Edification to Christians:

I conducted bible studies with the Christians in Chihoro during mid week studies. I taught lessons on the fulfillment of prophecy on the Kingdom of God in the establishment of the church of Lord, and on the need to obey and keep word of God. In Harare I conducted lessons on prophecy. A number of false teachers are flooding the screens and radios claiming to be prophets of God. I taught on the test of a prophet, the work and purpose of New Testament prophecy and the cessation. I also preached on Sunday services and I believe these efforts are working well in trying to teach and edify the brethren.

Personal and Financial:

I thank God for the blessing that my family and I have in the Lord. We are all in good health and we have enough food and shelter. We have clothes and we are able to do the work of the Lord freely in this country as of now. With these basics, and in these times of global economic hardships, I am thankful and content with what we receive from the brethren who support us. I understand the sacrifices and love of many of you in giving and committing yourselves in doing the Lord’s work. I thank you so very, very much for your financial and spiritual support. I need you to know that the toils we do here are nothing compared to your moral and material support, your prayers and the encouragements that keeps us going. Please may you continue to do likewise, and even more if you have the ability.

In November, we received $50.00 from sisters Sherry and Terry Morris, $400.00 from Dowlen Road church and $150.00 from the Bickford family. Again, I need to express our heartfelt gratitude for these precious gifts.

I need to mention our humble request again in this report. Last month I mentioned that three of our children will be going to high school next year. Therefore, in January we will need extra money for fees and uniforms for our son and my sisters’ two daughters. We have been staying with these girls since my sister passed on. We are therefore kindly asking for your help brethren to see these children continue with their education. May the Lord God continue to bless you all.

Behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to render to each man according as his work is. Revelation 22:15 (ASV)